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Compatibility of updated manifest.json

I have updated the manifest.json by introducing a "config" to one of three existing EntryPoints. Now I get a warning that content may not be displayed when I update the plugin. This warning also lists widgets whose entryPoints have not been changed. In which cases do widgets/entryPoint no longer work after an update of manifest.json?

Get custom design variables

Hi, is there a way to get the activated design (like button color etc.) from API or on other ways? Regards, Sebastian

Data in browser inspector

Hi, we have noticed that you can currently read the input in the admin area via the browser inspector when you embed a widget, this is unsightly in terms of security. We thought of reading the PluginAdapter in the backend first, but as far as we know there is no java library yet. Or are there other solutions?

Fullscreen on plugin iframe

Hi, We are currently developing a plugin that can place videos on the page. Now we ran into the problem that the fullscreen mode does not work. If I am not mistaken, the plugin iframe does not allow it.  So I wonder if there is any chance that you can add that attribute to the plugin iframe as you have for common widget iframes? Best regards, David

Bug with iFrame height of plug-ins

Hi everyone, today my colleagues and I saw, that the iFrame of a plug-in is shortend and takes only one third of the whole widget box. Has someone else the same bug? Best wishes, Corinna

Missing widget title button

Hi everyone, I am developing an new plugin and want to use the title button in the widget menu. When I insert my plugin and want to set the title, the button does not exist. Do you know how I can enable or display it? In the documentation I only read that you can change the name of some widgets but not what qualifies it for a widget. And in the documentation I read, that the button is labeled with an 'A', but on my Haiilo page the title buttons are labeled with 'T' for some other widgets. Best wishes!

Render widgets directly on a "homepage" and "content" app on mobile

If you embed a widget on a "homepage" or in a "content" app, a blue button appears in the mobile app with the text "Show dynamic content". If you embed the same widget in a wiki app or a blog app, the widget is rendered and loaded directly. Can this behaviour also be transferred to a "homepage" and "content" app so that the content is loaded directly?

Custom error message if pattern does not match

Is it possible to customize the error message if for example the input of a text configuration field does not match the pattern? Currently the error message "Input is invalid" is displayed. We want to customize this error message depending on the config field. Best, Simon

Iframe is default set to display: inline

Hi there, we are currently developing a plugin which has a custom config view. The Problem is that regardless of the heigt of the content of the iframe, there is always a scroll bar, which makes it look a bit ugly. We found that the iframe element insidie of the coyo-iframe component has the css property "display: inline" which is the standard behaviour of an iframe. However this causes the scrollbar to always appear. Is there any way, we could set the iframe to a block element (display: "block"). This would solve the scrollbar problem, at least for this specific use case. Best regards Chris Langenberg

Bug Bounty Program Info

Hey team, I have found a critical bug in coyo which leads to sensitive information disclosure where can i report that bug?And do u have any bug bounty program?