plugin-adapter v0.2.0

A new version of the plugin-adapter has just been published via This version brings a lot of new functionality. Be aware that this release has breaking API changes. Follow the migration steps below to use the latest version of the adapter.


  • Plug-in certificates: The adapter has been updated to support a new set of plug-in certificates for our COYO cloud and COYO staging environments. These certificates will be made available soon and we will announce them separately to give you time to adapt your plug-in. There is no action required for now.
  • Access raw token: The init and onEdit methods have been changed to support the retrieval of the raw JWT token. Both method signatures have changed accordingly. Please take a look at the API documentation for init and onEdit and adjust your implementation accordingly.
  • Claims API: The init and onEdit methods have been changed to support easier access to decoded token claims. They are now available in the claims object as proper JavaScript object instead of dot-separated key-value-pairs. So instead of accessing a configuration key via claims['cfg.key'] you can now simply use claims.cfg.key. The same principle applies to ctx and stt claims.


  • Updated dependencies: The adapter has been updated to use the latest versions of its dependencies.