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PluginError: Initialization timed out (ERR6)

My Plugin initialization fails when serving from server. No issue during local development, serving via ngrok.

The Bundle is loaded, react execution starts (I get displayed our loading screen), but the call to await pluginAdapter.init() never returns and after 60.000ms I get PluginError: Initialization timed out (ERR6)

$ console.log(pluginAdapter)
> { srcId: "", jwkStore: {}, initAdapter: {}, editAdapter: {}, heightAdapter: {} }

We host the plugin at coyo.domain.com and the manifest at coyo.domain.com/manifest.json.

When running the same git HEAD locally and serving it through coyo-test.eu.ngrok.io, the plugin init's successfully.
But here the same console.log returns {srcId: "295ca469-300e-43bd-81d3-09d1cb7cb387"}